Friendly Services

The Friendly Apps and Services was developed by OurCityLove Social Enterprise, special thanks to the supporters who have assisted us during our quest to create our friendly app services for the benefit of elderly people, mothers & babies and friends with disabilities.


The Apps are free, free of advertising ads and we welcome you to download the app which is ready for usage. We also welcome you to share it with your mobility-impaired friends and we wish that this information technology can bring more convenience to your everyday life!

A Friendly Hotel for All ,Find accessible and family-friendly guestrooms in seconds !


Hotels with Accessible Guestrooms: Find hotels that offer accessible guestrooms from our range of hotels for tourists or business travellers and hostels.

Virtual Reality (720° View): Get to know your room and hotel before even checking in.Photos References: Our Friendly Surveyors go to the hotels and complete the assessment themselves. Photos of our surveyors navigating through the hotel demonstrates the scale of the facilities. Other users can use this as a reference to determine which hotel would be more suitable for them.

Friendly Hotel:Accessible Room Search Platform

Friendly Restaurant App

The friendly and good restaurant App has been created by a passionate “friends of the disabled” team and friendly surveyors.


The friendly surveyors personally visit restaurants to experience the dining environment, following the visit the restaurant is classified based on the convenience and availability of disability facilities and services such as:


Restaurant entrances, Braille menus, service, elevators, toilets, parking spaces, as well as free WI-FI and friendly charging information (Include site photos).


Share every moment of joy and pleasure with your family and friends despite their inconveniences!

Friendly MRT App

Taipei friendly MRT App is designed with the goal of creating a friendly city for people with mobility-impairment and surveying was carried out by our friendly surveyors. The App covers the 103 stations distributed on 5 MRT lines in Taipei.


The App can automatically locate your nearest MRT station; provide detailed "Accessible and friendly service information". The information includes: MRT stations map, facilities map, accessible lifts (including maintenance information), toilets, entrances, ramps, charging output, breast-feeding rooms, consultation services, scene photos, as well as including little notes of caution by our friendly surveyors.


Furthermore there is information which MRT line moving shortcut interchange of information (including general / low-floor bus stop information and real-time dynamic), precautions.


We wish that through this App every elder, parent &child, injured and other mobility-impaired friends, can easily and conveniently take the Taipei MRT. We hope that Taipei Metro will take a step to lead the trend and become a world-class friendly transport model!

Friendly Pharmacy APP

Friendly Service Area APP

Friendly High Speed Rail APP

Friendly Driver APP

Friendly breast-feeding APP

Looking for a good place to Breast-feed your child? The Friendly breastfeeding rooms App offers you a solution to locate the nearest nursing room for your convenience.


The App information include breast-feeding room scene photos, equipment information (water, warm milk, diapers, cleaning, charging outputs), contact details and GPS function which leads you directly to the location. Furthermore the Friendly breast-feeding App also provides support in the form of, various instructional videos, lactation trouble, support groups, medical institutions and an online community you can find it all here.

Friendly pediatric APP

Every parent has at one moment found themselves with a sick child during the night or over the holidays and anxiously trying to find a doctor for a consultation. The Hsinchu Friendly pediatric App provides four features and functions, so that parents no longer have to worry about finding the necessary help in Hsinchu.

Friendly Museum APP

In the famous National Museum of Taiwan History, Chunghwa Telecom's Smart Station Service provides smart location based multimedia touring service to the visitors. At the same time, it offers descriptive audio/video service to the elderly, the preschoolers and the visually impaired so that every citizen could have equal right to experience and access to the wonderful and rich cultures of Taiwan.